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Why Partner As DSA For Personal Loan With Choice Connect?

How To Apply as A Personal Loan DSA Online?

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  • Track and manage the lead process.
  • View earnings accrued.
  • Track sales, review performance and engage with customers.
  • Refer clients to other financial products instantly.
  • Improves customer conversion, nurturing and retention with instant data retrieval and support features.
  • Comprehensive reports.
  • Advanced analytics and insights.

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Frequently Answer Questions

Personal Loan Agent FAQs

Any individual who is an Indian citizen, 18 years or above with a minimum education qualification of 12th grade is welcome to join us. Apart from that, you will be required to have good networking skills to acquire new leads.

You will be required to refer customers who require different types of loans, to our portal.

Choice Connect provides end-to-end support to start your business. You are also provided with technical support in terms of a backend system to manage your leads along with a dedicated Relationship Manager to help you with lead conversion.

To become a Personal Loan Broker with Choice Connect, you will be required to submit the soft copy of your PAN Card at the time of registration.

Personal Loan Agent

A Personal Loan Agent is responsible for helping needy customers to procure the desired loans. He/She helps connect loan clients with loan lenders. A Loan Agent takes care of all the necessary preliminary loan processes and helps manage the money lending process in an easy and hassle-free manner. A Loan Agent also helps in collecting all the required documents and verifying them to ensure the authenticity of the customers (KYC)....Read More

Loan Agent is also referred to as Direct Selling Agent (DSA). Their main objective is to help connect individuals looking for loans with loan providers and assist them throughout the process. They are also liable for carrying out the required background checks (BGCs) and ensuring the guidelines compliance of the loan-seekers. They make the processes of loan cases beneficial and hassle-free for all the parties involved.

What Does Personal Loan Agent Do?

The role of a Personal Loan Agents is to ensure the ease of procuring loans for the potential seekers. They are also responsible for ensuring that loan lending becomes simple and convenient for loan providers.

The most important responsibilities of a DSA are -

  • To connect the Loan Seekers with the Loan Lenders
  • To garner potential leads for the Loan Seekers and the Loan Lenders

Apart from these, a DSA is expected to fulfill additional key responsibilities related to the loan procurement procedures such as -

  • Collecting a fully completed Loan Application Form from the Leads
  • Collecting the Relevant Documents to be attached to the Application Form
  • Taking care of all the Keeping and Maintenance of All Documents till the end-to-end completion of the loan procedure
  • Conducting a Preliminary Verification of the Application and the Documents
  • Ensuring Authenticity of the documents provided by the Lender
  • Avoiding the Document Forgery
  • Ensuring due diligence and required checks to ensure the correctness of both the Loan Application and Other Documents
  • Uploading or Submitting these Documents and the Application Form
  • Providing their DSA code so that the Application can be traced back to them

Who Can Become A Personal Loan Agent?

To become a loan agent, there is no specific academic criterion or strict educational compliance needed. Even working professionals and business owners can opt to become personal loan agents. They can perform their loan agent-related roles and responsibilities in additional time while pursuing their other vocational duties.

The most important thing needed to become a successful Personal Loan DSA is to have the right inclination and enthusiasm. If you are willing to help those looking for loans, then you are certainly fit for the role of a DSA.

The following people can be DSAs -

  • Any Individual above the age of 18 years and is an Indian citizen
  • Minimum Education Qualification is to have passed Grade XII (or Equivalent)

Apart from that, Good Communication and Networking Skills help DSA candidates to acquire more and more new leads

How To Apply For Personal Loan DSA?

With Choice Connect, you can follow simple steps to become a Personal Loan DSA. To become a Personal Loan DSA apply online with us here are the steps one need to follow -

  • The first step is to enroll yourself as DSA by filling out the Online Form
  • After Form filling, Submit the necessary documents needed to join along with the Application Form (You will have to upload a your PAN Details at the time of registration of a Personal Loan Broker)
  • Once done with this you shall receive an Approval
  • After receiving the Approval you will be successfully registered with us as a DSA
  • Once you have your clients on board, you can track their status online at your convenience
  • This also helps you understand and provide specified requirements at required intervals to the client and receive attractive payouts.

A DSA is an essential personal loan partner of the loan-seekers and loan-lenders. A DSA imparts his/her expertise and follows up with the clients and offers them the desired loans as per their needs.

You can then register yourself as a Choice Broking Associate and reap the benefits of being a DSA agent with our easy and fast process.

Benefits Of Becoming A Loan Agent With Choice Connect

Pursuing a DSA career is nowadays getting popular among people of all walks. It is a step closer to financial independence. Becoming a DSA comes with many economically beneficial prospects such as -

  • Be the Boss of your Own Business
  • Impressive Additional Income with Attractive Commission Rates
  • Earn for a Lifetime (No Retirement Age)
  • Work Anytime, Anywhere (Flexible Hours)
  • No Initial Investment Required
  • Get exposure to varied Services & Products
  • Work as a DSA while pursuing your business/job at the same time
  • One Platform - Many Services
  • Zero Registration Charges
  • Zero Investment Required

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