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Benefits to Become a Corporate Insurance Agent through Choice Connect

Various Health InsuranceTo Offer

Minimum Quotes from Multiple Companies

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Anytime work Flexibility

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How To Become A Corporate Insurance Agent Through Choice Connect

  • 01
    Register on Choice Connect
  • 02
    Apply for POSP Training
  • 03
    Get POSP Certified
  • 04
    Refer Clients
  • 05
    Track Lead Status
  • 06
    Receive Payout
How to Become an Insurance Agent
  • Register on Choice Connect
  • 02
    Apply for POSP Training
  • 03
    Get POSP Certified
  • 04
    Refer Clients
  • 05
    Track Lead Status
  • 06
    Receive Payout

Commercial Insurance Agent Qualifications & Requirement

Corporate Insurance Agent POSP Qualifications & Requirement

To become a Corporate Insurance Agent online through Choice Connect, you need to be at least 18 years of age, holding a minimum of a 12th-grade educational qualification. You must also complete the POSP Training and get certified for the same. Apart from that, being self-driven with a knack to sell products will be the basic requirement to become a corporate insurance broker through us.

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“I am working as a Corporate Insurance Agent with leading cooperative banks in Indore. I completed all my training and certification at Choice Connect. With the support from my Relationship Manager, I am able to manage my prospects well and earn a steady income every month.”

Milan Pandit

“Great payout, excellent backend support and flexibility of work timings – earning and learning go hand in hand here. I am overwhelmed to work as a Corporate Insurance Agent through Choice Connect.”

Rajat Bhatia

“I cater to corporate customers of unique business. As a Corporate Insurance Agent through Choice Connect, I am able to provide each of them with the most suitable business insurance. Thanks to Choice Connect for providing me with a plethora of business insurance options.”

Sanhita Bonai

What Our Partners Say About Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

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2.What does a corporate insurance agent do?

3.What is a corporate insurance agent?

4.How much can a corporate insurance agent earn in india?

5.What documents do I need to submit to become a corporate insurance agent?

6.How to apply for a corporate insurance agent registration process online?

7.How can corporate insurance agents check their leads & payout status?

8.What types of Support corporate insurance agent get from Choice Connect?

9.How many days to get a payout/deposit for a corporate insurance agent commission?

Corporate Insurance Agent

A corporate agent in insurance is a trusted source representing an insurance company or on behalf of an insurance company to sell insurance policies. The corporate insurance broker has to first identify the need of the company before offering the services. He has also to take into account the number of insurers and the services offered against it.

For instance, if a company has opted for travel insurance in a year, the number of insurers , if exceeded, the agent might have to issue a fresh policy or upgrade the policy, if possible. Corporate entities that offer these kinds of services follow an open architecture proforma herein, they can sell multiple policies. While a corporate insurance agent has its restriction one life, one non-life insurance and one health insurance company only.

Who Can Become a Corporate Insurance Agent

Any individual can choose to become a Corporate Insurance Agent if you wish to create a source of income from the convenience of your home. A great option for Homemakers, Retirees, Students, and Financially Savvy Individuals among others. Some of the benefits include:

  • Create a passive source of income from the comfort of your home.
  • Get associated with a leading brand in the finance industry.
  • Increase your earnings with additional financial products.
  • Earn at your own pace.
  • High revenue sharing.

Benefits of Becoming a Corporate Insurance Agent

The benefits of being a corporate insurance agent are numerous. Here are a few of them:

Stay Close to the corporate universe

Every individual somewhere down the line desires to be part of the suited booted culture of the corporate. But what daunts an individual is whether the wish shall be granted or not and if granted will it be as per their expectations. HEnce, being a corporate insurance agent fulfills all these aspirations. A corporate insurance agent learns about the company's know-how and is a consultant to find and shield them with the right policy. The corporate becomes his universe where he/she can look forward to a future as a corporate insurance agent.

Financial Freedom

Earning while learning or earning full time, whatever may be the case, being a corporate insurance agent definitely contributes to an individual's financial freedom. He/ She has the advantage to work as per his time and convenience yet earn to the best of his potential.

Ample Opportunities:

There are various types of corporate insurances that one can offer. This directly states that there shall at no point be lack of opportunities. It is upto his/her determination to earn as much as they can as a corporate insurance agent.

Personal & Professional Growth

The growth factor is one of the significant advantages. You get to meet many experienced individuals from the industry that help you in self as well as professional growth.

Corporate Insurance Agent Commission

The commission of a corporate insurance agent varies on the policy sold.

Every policy sold holds a premium that is distributed over a period of time. The commision received is on the premium that is charged.

There was a sudden spike in more and more corporates entering the domestic market after 2008. This worked as a positive momentum for the corporate insurance industry thus resulting in a demand for corporate insurance agents.

Currently, one can earn by means of commission or by associating with a specific insurance company that could offer a salary or commision.

Corporate Insurance Agent Role & Responsibility

Until yesterday, the task of a corporate insurance broker was tedious and mind-boggling. With the digitisation, it has become convenient and hassle-free. That’s why most of the Corporate Insurance Agents are opting to associate with companies that are online and facilitate ease in documentations. Furthermore, the other hindrance is that every insurance agent cannot be an entity which is a major requirement for corporate insurance. The best way is to associate himself/ herself with a licensed service provider. Choice Connect, as an organisation offers ample opportunities to insurance agents along with simple processes.

Types of Corporate Insurance Policies we offer:

  • Workman Compensation Insurance Policy: The policy acts as a protection for any incident taking place during or at the workplace.
  • Professional Liability / Indemnity Insurance Policy: Any kind of negligence, copyright infringement, personal injury, and more are covered under this policy.
  • Special Contingency Policy: The coverage protects from any damage caused to intangible assets or any damage caused for on-premises activities.
  • Group Term Life Insurance Policy: The policy covers a group of people but it is issued to the organisation to offer benefits to its employees. The employee is covered until he is associated with the organisation.
  • Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy: The policy covers medical health expenses of employees as well as the dependents.
  • Fire & Burglary Insurance Policy: Any damage caused to or within the property is covered under this policy.

In corporate insurance a number of factors need to be considered:

  • The size of the Group
  • Average Age of the employees
  • Occupation or Profession
  • Medical History
  • Coverage of Dependants
  • Plan Category

Corporate Insurance Agent Salary

The corporate insurance industry is designed on the basis of commissions as this may give the flexibility for an individual to service as per their convenience.

Choice Connect currently offers one of the best services to all agents through its platform whilst providing attractive incentives.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria for Corporate Insurance Agent

To become a Corporate insurance agent with us:

A Choice Broking Associate needs to be:

  • 18 years of age
  • Have passed S.S.C.
  • Have procured an IRDA certification

Corporate insurance Agent Registration Process

To be a part of Choice Connect, you need to register yourself as a CBA(Choice Business Associate) in 6 simple steps:

A Choice Broking Associate needs to be:

  • Login to Choice Connect
  • Sign-up by filling up your personal details that include pan card and address proof.
  • You will receive an approval from Choice Connect
  • Start Your Journey of Being a CBA.
  • The Dashboard will help you add enquiries
  • Now you can enter details about your prospect clients and get quotations