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30,000+ Insurance Partners

Benefits of Being a POSP Insurance Agent

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Become A POSP Agent & Earn Extra Income With Benefits.

How To Become An Insurance Agent Online Through Choice Connect

  • 01
    Register on Choice Connect
  • 02
    Apply for POSP Training
  • 03
    Get POSP Certified
  • 04
    Refer Clients
  • 05
    Track Lead Status
  • 06
    Receive Payout
How to Become an Insurance Agent
  • Register on Choice Connect
  • 02
    Apply for POSP Training
  • 03
    Get POSP Certified
  • 04
    Refer Clients
  • 05
    Track Lead Status
  • 06
    Receive Payout

POSP Insurance Agent Qualifications & Requirement

POSP Insurance Agent Qualifications & Requirement

To become an Insurance Agent online through Choice Connect, you need to be at least 18 years of age, holding a minimum of a 12th grade educational qualification. You must also complete the POSP Training and get certified for the same. Apart from that, being self-driven with a knack to sell products will be the basic requirement to become an Insurance Agent through us.

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What Our Partners Say About Us?

"The excellent CRM platform helps me manage my customers from start to finish. I am able to manage the process seamlessly in a hassle-free manner which helps save a lot of time."

Surendra Parekh

"I am extremely happy to become an Insurance Agent through Choice Connect, as I get to offer my customers a variety of insurance products. Not only does this help me to earn more, but also helps me be more reliable to my customers, who reach out to me for different policies."

Bhargav Mehta

"I like how management efforts required are ZERO, since the system they provide is extremely efficient. All I have to do is increase awareness in my network about the insurance product. The relationship managers are very helpful as well."

Arjun Raval

"It has helped me create a steady source of income. I wasn't sure about it in the start, thinking it would be complicated. But the online procedure and the quality of assistance provided has helped me regain confidence in this. I like the idea of working from home while not compromising on the income I earn."

Ruchi Parwe

What Our Partners Say About Us

Build Your Insurance Career With Us & Earn Great Commissions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I become an Insurance Agent through Choice Connect?

2. How can I become an Insurance Agent through Choice Connect?

3. When can I start selling Insurance?

4. What support will I receive from Choice Connect?

5. What will be my responsibilities as an Insurance Agent?

6. How easy is it to be a POSP Insurance Agent?

7. Do I need sales experience to become an insurance agent?

8. Do insurance agents make a salary?

9. What skills do POSP insurance agents need?

10. What is the minimum eligibility criterion to become an insurance agent?

11. What are the Types of Insurance Agents in India?

12. Why should retired people become insurance agents?

13. Why should housewives become insurance agents?

14. Why should self-employed people become insurance agents?

POSP Insurance Agent

A POSP insurance agent is the mediator between the individual acquiring the insurance and the insurance company. He/she is responsible for selling the insurance policies as per the specified requirement of the client.

The insurance agent is a representative of an insurance company offering services to a prospect client or someone who seeks insurance. Acting as a legal representative, the agent is responsible for providing essential information and guiding the client about the policy.

Types of Insurance Agents

The insurance industry is vast. Understanding the insurance industry is no child's play. And, hence, the insurance agency hires insurance agents who, as a specialist, help the clients fulfill their requirements. Currently, there are two types of insurance agents.

  • Independent Insurance Agent
  • Captive Insurance Agents

Independent Insurance Agents: They cater to various insurance companies and therefore hold the right to sell insurance of any insurance company.

Captive Insurance Agents: They work for a specific insurance company. That could be in the form of commission or retention basis.

Currently, we offer following types of insurance agents programs.

What is a POSP Insurance Agent?

POSP stands for Point of Sales Person wherein the insurance agent can sell directly to the clients. The agent is not restricted to sell one insurance only i.e. he can sell life and general insurance both simultaneously.

Generally, an insurance agent is authorized to sell only a certain type of insurance. But, in the case of a POSP, the agent can sell many or all types of insurance policies. This gives him the leverage to expand his avenues rather than being restricted. The agent can enroll himself with insurance service associations and start a flourishing career as a POSP.

Who can Become a POSP Insurance Agent?

Anyone can enroll for this you need to be 18 years of age and have minimum education qualification. Also, the POSP needs to be of Indian origin with a valid AADHAR and Pan Card that shall be optimized for verification purpose. He/ She will procure an IRDA certification along with the required training for selling insurance.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A POSP Insurance Agent?

A POSP can offer his/her services to anyone at any time who could be his prospect client. The advantage of being a POSP is that he does not require any prior investment to be a registered POSP. Apart from this, a POSP enjoys a stable income and can cater to anyone and everyone. The POSP insurance agent is someone who is a trustworthy person. Hence, he has the privilege to focus on forward selling processes that includes selling other insurance products to the same client whilst creating new business leads as well. The insurance industry is open for individuals from all walks of life to be associated with them as an insurance agent such as housewives, retired individuals, self-employed, students, financial consultants etc.

Benefits of Becoming a POS Insurance Agent for Housewives

A report that states more than 52% of insurance agents are females with 45+ years of age. The number itself signifies the importance of women insurance agents, mainly housewives. This is also one of the most preferred professions by them as it gives them the flexibility and space to work at their convenience. This is because women have the exceptional quality of convincing. As a homemaker, it is a part of their daily life to socialize and meet people, giving it an edge to keep up with the situation and thus sell the required insurance. They hold an instinctive value of understanding the case and catering to the emotional quotient of the surrounding.

Moreover, the trust factor also is comparatively high. Selling insurance includes trust, experience and knowledge. Housewives as a matter of fact come across various scenarios in their day to day life which makes it easier and relevant to convince the client. For instance, a housewife could relate an insurance policy to a recent event in her/ or customers' real life. In true terms, they can assess the situation to put it across in a microscopic manner compared to any other. They hold the upper hand of sharing concerns with others and addressing them too.

Being a POS insurance agent is a stable career as they can focus without leaving their present responsibilities and stay committed to their career as well. They can be financially independent.

Benefits of Becoming an Insurance Agent for Retired

Retirement is the time when an individual looks forward to stepping into a new phase of life, fulfilling his unachieved goals. Being an insurance agent can help him fund his dreams with a desired lifestyle. Having said that, a retired individual comes with an enriching experience that anyone would like to rejoice. His experience can help him in securing the life of others. In addition, a retired personnel has over the year built a lot of trust and connections which he can now be his corpus.

Also, retiring after years of work makes the personnel feel low on morale, while an active profession can act as a cover for his own source of income and simultaneously, build a business opportunity. Being an insurance agent can be a full-time career as one can plan its targets and work out of his own schedule from the heart of his home.

Benefits of Becoming an Insurance Agent for Self-employed

A self employed person in general strives for a fixed source of income. Based on his current profession, he/ she has the advantage to convert his existing leads and redeem the benefits by selling insurance. As an insurance agent, the self-employed individual can earn extra income whilst being in his current occupation. Since he is already a part of a specific sector it becomes easier for him to leverage his contacts and build a strong relationship with the client. It also adds feathers to his business associating his name with leading brands from the insurance sector.

  • Additional source of Income
  • Professional association with the leading brand
  • Leverage your existing network
  • Get recognized across Regional, National & Global forums

Benefits of Becoming an Insurance Agent for Students

A student struggles for his pocket money and is still aspiring to fulfill his needs. In such a situation, being an insurance agent adds a benefit to his financial requirements as well as his future prospects in the career.

Benefits of Becoming an Insurance Agent for Financial Consultants

A financial consultant holds a certain reputation in society. To him, adding another source of income is not a big deal but definitely gives him that extra leverage. The agent gets an opportunity to expand his portfolio bringing financial stability to the client as well. Moreover, it also adds into his personal growth and self-development.

Role of Insurance Agent

The role of an insurance agent is primarily to sell insurance. The agent identifies, analyses and accordingly suggests the policy to the client. The main criteria of an insurance agent is to sales opportunities by offering clients services related to insurance. The agent has to

  • Understand the clients requirement
  • Offer the policy maintaining transparency
  • Give the client a walk-through of the insurance policy
  • Process the documentations
  • Follow-up for premiums and ad-on benefits if any in the following years
  • Settle claims

Additional Rights & Duties of Insurance Agent

  • To get compensation
  • To get support from insurance companies
  • To have product knowledge
  • Access to marketing collaterals

What are the Mandates for Becoming an Insurance Agent?

An Insurance agent does not require exceptional degrees or certification but does require focus and determination. The main criteria to become an insurance agent is

  • 18 years of age
  • Minimum Education Qualification of HSC
  • IRDA Certification
  • Specific Hours of Training as mentioned by IRDA

How is an Insurance Agent Trained?

An insurance agent training occurs in the following steps:

  • An RM is appointed once you register with Choice Connect
  • Offer the policy maintaining transparency
  • A formal training is given in regards to the industry know-how
  • Product knowledge is given as and when a new launch takes place

Traditional Way of Becoming an Insurance Agent

Formerly, insurance agents used to operate through limited resources as the transactions were physical, making it a tedious process. As they were the only point of contact, the agent's knowledge was the only reliable source. The traditional way of selling came with a one-sided approach.

The traditional way of becoming a POS insurance agent is by complying with an insurance agent and catering to that. In most cases, a traditional method is to part with an insurance company and sell their products only. A traditional insurance POS agent would concentrate on selling a product rather than building a relationship.

But times have changed. The digitisation has taken over and the universe of the internet has created an awareness in terms of providing solutions. The many questions that are asked today are

  • Which is the best insurance company/ agent
  • Which policy can one buy
  • What does the policy include
  • Should i buy from an agent or the company directly
  • What are the policy rates

The customer is well researched and to some extent also knows what they want. In such a situation, one has to attain confidence by imparting their experience. The experience one gains is through knowledge.

The other question is how you market the product. A marketing collateral facilitates recognition of the product. At Choice Connect, we provide training and marketing collateral to all our CBA( Choice Business Associates) thus making them a 360 degree solution provider and an expert in the industry.

How much Insurance Agent can Earn in India

There is no such barrier or restriction to earnings as an insurance agent. It totally depends on the potential of the individual. The agent receives a commission on the policy sold.

Difference Between Insurance Agent and Insurance Broker

An insurance agent represents the insurance company and the broker represents the client. While the broker has a client- centric approach, he/ she needs an agent to complete the sales. Thus, the broker is a binder in the entire process between the client and the agent.

The insurance agent can have an association with multiple insurance companies and therefore, receives a commission against a policy, once sold. However, a broker can ask for price quotes from the agent or an insurance company and has to function accordingly.

Whether an insurance agent or a broker both need to be certified or authorized as a business agent to operate.

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