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Loan Agent FAQs

Any individual who is an Indian citizen, 18 years or above with a minimum education qualification of 12th grade is welcome to join us. Apart from that, you will be required to have good networking skills to acquire new leads.

You will be required to refer customers who require different types of loans, to our portal.

Choice Connect provides end-to-end support to start your business. You are also provided with technical support in terms of a backend system to manage your leads along with a dedicated Relationship Manager to help you with lead conversion.

To become a Housing Loan Agent with Choice Connect, you will be required to submit a soft copy of your PAN Card at the time of registration.

Every person dreams of buying his or her own home. A home is generally the most expensive asset a person buys in his or her entire lifetime. The value of the home is roughly 5-8 times the annual income of individuals and hence people need a financial solution to buy a home.

This finance solution that banks and financial institutions offer is a home loan. A home loan basically funds you with a lump sum equal to or less than the value of your house thereby helping you make the purchase. This amount is repaid by individuals back to the banks or financial institutions with interest. ...Read More

Getting a loan from a bank or a financial institution is not an easy task. It requires a lot of paperwork, numerous follow-ups and knowledge of various options available. A home loan agent makes this task of getting a home loan easier for you.

Who Is a Home Loan Agent?

A home loan agent is an individual that helps you during the entire process of getting a home loan right from initiation to the final disbursement of money to you. Every bank and financial institution has authorized individuals that function as home loan agents. Some home loan agents are freelancers and are not associated with any financial institutions.

A home loan agent has the necessary experience, knowledge and understanding of various options for taking a home loan and can guide individuals or companies to choose an appropriate home loan option that is suitable based on their financial situation and requirements.

Once you meet a home loan agent, they go through your credit profile, get your credit rating report and come up with the amount of loan a person may be eligible for and various options that clients can take the home loan

Traditionally, home loan agents met clients physically and helped you during the entire housing loan process. However, recently, quite a few home loan agent are available virtually at any point in time in assisting clients with their queries. Thus, clients can apply for home loans online as well with the assistance of home loan agents

Who can become a home loan agent?

In India, any Indian citizen above the age of 18 with a minimum qualification of 12th grade is eligible to become a home loan agent.

Apart from the minimum education qualification, it is expected that home loan agents are good at communication and networking skills.

The ability to analyze options, empathize with clients and salesmanship are also the traits of a home loan agent. Becoming a home loan agent is also a side-profession of many individuals that requires no financial investment as such.

Benefits of Becoming Housing Loan Agent with Choice Connect

An individual aspiring to become a home loan agent needs the right platform in order to learn the various aspects of home loans and reach to connect with clients from various corners of the country

Choice connect is a diverse financial conglomerate that empowers individuals to become home loan agents trained by top financial institutions. Here are some of the benefits that Choice Connect brings to the table:

  1. Develop an alternate source of income for a lifetime- Associating with Choice Connect helps you become a home loan agent that can serve you with a passive source of income for a lifetime.

  2. Best Commission rates– Individuals get to earn some of the best commission rates when working with Choice connect.

  3. Flexibility – The paperless and advanced interface at Choice Connect helps you with the flexibility to conduct work from anywhere and anytime according to your convenience.

  4. Access to advanced CRM – Choice Connect has invested in a high-quality CRM that helps home loan agents' track all their leads on a real-time basis to help agents with the workflows of each and every client at a click of a computer button.

  5. Transparent and No Deposit – Numerous institutions ask for deposits to become home loan agents. Choice Connect is one of the few trusted names in the market that helps you become a home loan agent without any commissions and helps you work in a completely transparent manner.

How To Become Home Loan Agent

Different platforms have different steps to register as a home loan agent. Becoming a home loan agent on the Choice Connect Platform is extremely easy and the process comprises 4 steps:

  1. Register on the Choice Connect Platform by entering your name, email address and mobile number

  2. Once the mobile phone and email are verified, you need to enter your basic information including your address. During this step, you also need to input your Permanent Account Number of PAN.

  3. Post feeding the basic information, you need to add your identity proof and upload a soft copy of your identity proof.

  4. Once your documents are uploaded and verified by Choice Connect, you are good to go and you can log in to the system and start bringing referrals.

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