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30,000+ Insurance Partners

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How To Become A Vehicle Insurance Agent Through Choice Connect

  • 01
    Register on Choice Connect
  • 02
    Apply for POSP Training
  • 03
    Get POSP Certified
  • 04
    Refer Clients
  • 05
    Track Lead Status
  • 06
    Receive Payout
How to Become an Insurance Agent
  • Register on Choice Connect
  • 02
    Apply for POSP Training
  • 03
    Get POSP Certified
  • 04
    Refer Clients
  • 05
    Track Lead Status
  • 06
    Receive Payout

Vehicle Insurance Agent Qualifications & Requirement

Vehicle Insurance Agent POSP Qualifications & Requirement

To become a vehicle insurance agent online through Choice Connect, you need to be at least 18 years of age, holding a minimum of a 12th-grade educational qualification. You must also complete the POSP Training and get certified for the same. Apart from that, being self-driven with a knack to sell products will be the basic requirement to become a vehicle insurance agent through us.

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“I leveraged the Choice Connect platform to build my client base and I must say it has been a good and seamless journey so far.”

Udit Charan

“Insurance selling has become easier since I joined. The digital process helps me keep follow up and keep track of all the leads in an easily manageable manner.”

Manav Kumar

“I was initially new to the whole process since I just got out of college. But the 360-degree support in terms of training, support and provision of marketing materials; I’ve realised it’s a good career option for me and the benefits are fulfilling.”

Harsh Patil

What Our Partners Say About Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.How To Become A Vehicle Insurance Agent?

2.What Is The Eligible Age For A Vehicle Insurance Agent?

3.What Does A Vehicle Insurance Agent Do?

4.What Is A Vehicle Insurance Agent?

5.How Much Can A Vehicle Insurance Agent Earn In India?

6.What Documents Do I Need To Submit To Become A Vehicle Insurance Agent?

7.How To Apply For A Vehicle Insurance Agent Registration Process Online?

8.How Can Vehicle Insurance Agents Check Their Lead & Payout Status?

9.What Type Of Support Do Motor Insurance Agents Get From Choice Connect?

10.How Many Days To Get A Deposit For A Motor Insurance Agent Commission?

Vehicle Insurance Agent

A vehicle insurance agent helps non-policy holders buy policies that secure their vehicle from risk. These agents are experts in marketing and providing pieces of advice to procure the right policy. They understand your coverage needs and provide valuable suggestions according to the vehicle’s pedigree and the financial output of their client.

Clients trust them for every single work regarding their vehicles insurance process. The work of agents is to remind their customers to pay off timely premiums and provide follow-up for every client's monthly status along with settling claims as and when required. The various kinds of policies that are required to sell are cars, 2-wheelers, or any other commercial vehicle. Policies are brought by policyholders to secure/save their vehicles from risks like accident/ fire or theft. An impartial agent may want to assist you to acquire a policy that may deem fit to your situation. With vehicle insurance, one thing to consider is each state has different governing insurance; hence; the requirements may vary with each state.

Motor Insurance Agent

A motor insurance agent is an expert individual who has the authority to sell motor insurance products. The policies provided by them are called motor coverage which may be used to cover a car, a two-wheeler, or an industrial car like a car or a truck and another motor that is obligatory in India. It is likewise vital for humans to have it so that they're included for losses and damages which include the case of accidents and natural calamities or any other unprecedented event occurring through a motor or on road.

Agents are required to sell motor coverage products to non-policy holders by negotiating contracts and making them believe that the insurance of vehicles is crucial for their families. They must ensure that their clients are buying coverage that is in the required amount and not more than that along with taking into consideration that all requirements have been met through the appropriate policy.

Who Can Become A Motor Insurance Agent

Anyone can work as a vehicle insurance agent, including housewives, retirees, students, people looking for a change of employment, engineers, doctors, and those who have recently graduated from high school. However, in order to begin their profession as a vehicle insurance agent, they must be at least 18 years old.

Benefits Of Being A Vehicle Insurance Agent

As a Vehicle coverage agent, the income you earn could help you live your passion for motor and leverage your experience to help your clients acquire right policies. It also gives you immense opportunities for self growth and professional stature.

Begin Earning At The Young Age

The right time to nurture your skills is the teens or your early 20s. Growth and independence follows you with immense opportunities for those who have a focus and determination towards their goal. Being a vehicle insurance agent is a great opportunity for one to pursue their passion for motor and earn handsomely through incentivised structure.

Live Like A Leader

Become a motor insurance agent allows you to be your own boss and thus maintain a healthy financial and professional existence through this job.

Create A Steady Revenue & Stem The Growth

The opportunity provides you with the possibility to create revenue, and as an agent, your incentives will be consistent. The more you use your contacts, the more you will advance.

Adjustable Job Timings

Work from everywhere anytime is the biggest advantage. Therefore, there is reduced stress and immense scope for great earnings.

Vehicle Insurance Agent Commission

In India, there are diverse insurance companies and it is realistically not possible to cater to them all. While the policy requirements of insurance policies are different, the financial service provider like Choice Connect helps you reap the benefit from the best as it gives you an option to select as per the client requirements. However, the commission offered by each insurance company is different, the payouts may differ accordingly.

It also depends upon the types of policies sold and at what term plan. This could be a primary source of income for many who have a strong hold on selling motor insurance as to understand a vehicle is complex.

The commission for a Vehicle Insurance Agent in India is quite attractive. A seller earns a commission on the quantity of top-rate premium generated through him.

Vehicle Insurance Agent Roles & Responsibility

Agents are vulnerable to attaining goals for you to earn a commission. The rights and duties of an insurance agent are to sell and promote coverage services and products to its customers. Their predominant roles are to:

  1. Sell existing coverage regulations and annuities to customer
  2. To deal with customers and beneficiaries to technique coverage claims promptly
  3. Provide recommendations to customers and suggest coverage products.
  4. Provide middleman offerings among coverage agencies and customers.
  5. Provide correct customer support to preserve and keep customers.
  6. Expand the customer base.
  7. Set a Meeting Target

Vehicle Insurance Agent Salary

Vehicle Insurance Agent generates a commission on the number of policies he/ she sells. However, every insurance company offers different incentive values depending on the type of policy.

The number of policies sold is derived from the commission of the policy holder.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria For Vehicle Insurance Agent

To commence a professional as an auto insurance agent, your degree must be at least class 12 and the age must be at least 18+. The candidate must have finished a 15-hour training schedule prescribed by IRDA.

By fulfilling these eligibility criteria, you can become a CBA with Choice Connect as a motor insurance agent and make your dreams come true. These criteria are obligatory for anyone hoping to be an auto insurance agent.

Vehicle Insurance Agent Registration Process

The registration process has become very simple. Everything will be done online just with your fingertips. Just you have to follow a simple six steps and voila, you will be registered. So follow these sequences and the process will be done in a few minutes:

  • Step 1: Register Online
  • Step 2: Apply for Certification
  • Step 3: Check Eligibility Criteria
  • Step 4: Submit Documents
  • Step 5: Get Approval
Congratulations! Your Insurance Career Starts Now