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Benefits Of Becoming A Loan Agent With Us?

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How To Become A Loan Agent Online With Choice Connect?

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  • View earnings accrued.
  • Track sales, review performance and engage with customers.
  • Refer clients to other financial products instantly.
  • Improves customer conversion, nurturing and retention with instant data retrieval and support features.
  • Comprehensive reports.
  • Advanced analytics and insights.

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Frequently Answer Questions

Loan Agent FAQs

Any individual who is an Indian citizen, 18 years or above with a minimum education qualification of 12th grade is welcome to join us. Apart from that, you will be required to have good networking skills to acquire new leads.

You will be required to refer customers who require different types of loans, to our portal.

Choice Connect provides end to end support to start your business. You are also provided with technical support in terms of a backend system to manage your leads along with a dedicated Relationship Manager to help you with lead conversion.

To become a Loan Agent with Choice Connect, you will be required to submit the soft copy of your PAN Card at the time of registration.

Who is a DSA Loan Agent?

A DSA Loan Agent is a Direct Selling Agent who helps to secure a loan for consumers. A Loan DSA helps consumers to connect with lenders, assist in the primary process, collect the documents and carry out all the vital aspects of money lending. They also verify the documents to ensure the documents submitted by the consumers are authentic. This benefits both parties involved in the entire process of loans. ...Read More

DSA Loan Agents are also known as Loan Agents. A DSA Loan Partner receives a payout in the form of a percentage of the total amount of loan and the type of loan applied by the consumers. In rural areas, they are also known as Business correspondents.

What Does a Loan Agent Do?

There are several banks and financial firms which appoint Loan DSA’s and allow them to work at their pace and at flexible hours. But appointing a Loan Agent is not a salaried job for the individual. It is like entrepreneurship where the individual has to have complete control and willingness to work.

The primary role of a Loan Partner is to establish professional contacts and bring leads for the bank/financial firm. A Loan Partner can bring clients related to mutual funds, personal loans, home loans, bank loans, business loans, and other loan services.

They also have to collect the necessary documents and run a primary check from their end. When submitting the loan applications, a Loan DSA is supposed to adhere to the prescribed format by the bank/financial firm. Then they have to forward the request to the respective team.
A Loan DSA Officer is also responsible for providing necessary assistance to the area bank/branch of the financial institution until the loan application procedure is complete. This helps to save time and to avail loans at a fast pace.

When you become a loan DSA with Choice Connect you get the opportunity to provide the following loan services to the clients.

Who Can Become A DSA Loan Agent?

Anyone above the age limit of 21+ years can become a Loan DSA Partner. The individual can be a working professional, a business owner, a housewife, or even a student who can work as a loan partner. The most important criteria for becoming a DSA Loan Agent is the willingness and dedication towards the role. If you wish to extend a helping hand to people looking for funds and get paid for that you can become a Loan Agent.

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Loan Agent?

Becoming a Loan Agent can be a tedious role, but it is certainly rewarding. The benefits of becoming a long partner are:

  • Earn Slab wise incentives
  • Get Handsome Commission
  • Work at flexible hours
  • Get the freedom to develop professional contacts
  • Work as a part-time job for extra income
  • Be a part of the fast-growing finance industry
  • Work at the convenience of your home
  • Be your own boss

How to Become A DSA Loan Agent?

It goes without saying that to become a DSA Loan Agent, you have to follow some basic processes. The first step starts with Loan DSA registration. Though different banks, NBFCs, and lending platforms have different registration requirements, however, the process is quite common in most. The common steps of DSA Loan registration are:

Loan DSA Registration Process:

  • Fill the DSA Loan Agent form available on the website of the financial firm/bank
  • Submit the application form online (or visit the branch of the financial firm/bank)
  • The concerned department will contact you and asked to submit the documents
  • After successful document verification, your credit history will be checked
  • If your credit history goes well, you will be called for an interview
  • You can then sign an agreement with the financial firm/bank
  • Your DSA Code or license as a DSA Loan Agent will be generated
  • You can then start your work as a licensed Loan partner

What Kind Of Training Is Required To Become a Loan Agent?

Most Loan Agents require a bachelor’s degree in business or business administration. Students receive preliminary training while doing the course they have enrolled for. The rest of the training starts once you join the company. Most financial institutions, banks offer a 20-40 hours training program that has to be completed to become a Loan Agent.

They also prepare the applicants by giving them training on how to manage potential leads, manage the information of clients, underwrite loans, and comply with the laws and regulations that are applicable. There is also a handbook provided to the DSA Loan Partners while applying to become a Loan Agent.

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