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Types of Insurance

An indemnity offered to individuals that compensates them at the time of future medical emergencies in the form of cashless treatment or expense reimbursement.

    Benefits of Health Insurance

  • Medical treatments are expensive and can drain you financially. Health Insurance helps you protect yourself by enabling you to pay small annual premiums so that you are prepared when a medical emergency strikes in the future.

  • Several types of Health Insurance are available in India, i.e. Individual Health Insurance, Family Floater Insurance, Senior Citizen Health Insurance, Critical Illness Health Insurance, Maternity Health Insurance, Group Health Insurance, Preventive Healthcare, Personal Accident Insurance, Pre Existing Cover and Unit Linked Health Plan.

  • Cashless treatment at empanelled hospitals or expense reimbursement at the time of medical emergency.

  • It offers tax benefits under Section 80D.

  • You can receive the no claim bonus in the event of not making any claim during the policy period.

  • Both individuals and families can be covered.

  • Types of policies include Individual Sum Assured and Floater Basis.

  • Generally, the age criteria for all companies ranges between 18 years to 65 years.


  • Unforeseen hospitalization expenses (minimum of 24 hours).

  • Ailment related pathology report expenses.

  • Medical Bills.

  • Specific Day Care Treatments.

  • Pre (normally 30 days) and Post (normally 60 days) Hospitalization Expenses.

  • Room Rent, Medical Charges and Transportation charges are by default covered in the policy but they may vary from company to company.

Motor/Auto/Vehicle Insurance protects your vehicle from any untoward incident in the future such as theft or physical damage due to accidents.

    Benefits of Motor Insurance

  • Motor Insurances include Car Insurance, Two Wheeler Insurance, Commercial Vehicle Insurance.

  • It covers both commercial and private vehicles.

  • Two types of covers are available, i.e. Liability Only Policy and Package Policy.

  • It can be availed in the event of an accident, fire, theft, natural and man-made calamities and losses faced by the third party at the time of an accident.

  • It offers a lot of add on covers, i.e, Zero Depreciation Cover, Roadside Assistance, Invoice Price Cover, Key Replacement, Consumable Cover, Hospital Cash, Engine & Gearbox Cover and Ambulance Charges.

  • It offers No Claim Bonus, in the event of no claims within the Policy period.


  • Damage during Man-made Calamities i.e. fire, explosion, self-ignition, theft, riots, strikes and malicious act.

  • Accidental by external means or whilst in transit by Road, Inland Waterway, Lift, Elevator or Air.

  • Damage during Natural Disasters, i.e. Landslide, Rockslide, Earthquake, Flood, Typhoons, Hurricanes, Storms, Tempest, Cyclones and Hailstorms.

  • Roadside Assistance which covers towing charges from the place of accident to the workshop: a maximum limit of Rs. 300/- for Scooters/Motorcycles and Rs. 1500/- for cars commercial vehicles.

An insurance cover that provides a lump sum amount to the insured’s dependents in the event of death or permanent disability only during the period the policy is in force.

    Benefits of Term Plan Insurance

  • Different types of Term Insurance include Standard Term Insurance, Return of Premium Plan, Increasing Term Insurance Plan, Convertible Term Plan, Joint Life Term Plan, Single Life Term Plan and Group Term Insurance.

  • Provides financial security at the time of unforeseen eventuality.

  • Avail lucrative tax benefits under Section 80C upto Rs1.5 Lakhs.

  • You can choose from a single or a joint life term plan.

  • Minimum entry age is 18 and the maximum entry age is 65.

  • It provides financial security to your family in your absence.

  • Options to choose additional riders such as critical illnesses, loss of income, disabilities, etc.


  • Maximum cover is up to age 99.

  • Maximum coverage depends on the annual income and age of the insured.

  • Waiver of premium in case of permanent disability due to the accident.

  • Option to add critical illness and accidental death benefit riders.

  • Accidental death benefits rider - the insurance company will pay nominee AD benefit as lump sum along with death benefit on the occurrence of death due to an accident.

  • Critical Illness Rider - the insurance company will pay insured CI benefit as lump sum on detection or survival from 34 critical illness (listed by the INS co).

Travel Insurance helps safeguard you against potential risks while you are travelling internationally.

    Benefits of Travel Insurance

  • There are different types of Travel Insurance i.e. Corporate Travel Insurance, Domestic Travel Insurance, Single Trip Travel Insurance, International Travel Insurance, Multi Trip Travel Insurance, Student Travel Insurance, Family Travel Insurance, Medical Travel Insurance, Senior Travel Insurance and Group Travel Insurance.

  • It can safeguard you against losses at times of cancellation, emergency medical expenses and repatriation, personal possessions, travel documents and gadgets, legal advice and personal accident.

  • It covers a wide age group - 3 months to 75 years.

  • It protects you against medical emergencies.

  • Some countries have made it mandatory to have travel insurance.

  • It helps pay for third-party losses in the case of an accident.


  • Medical expenses pertaining to accident or sickness.

  • Loss of checked baggage.

  • Baggage delay.

  • Loss of passport.

  • Personal liability.

  • Hijacking.

  • Flight delay.

  • Automatic extension of policy.

  • Accidental death and dismemberment anywhere in the world.

  • Sickness dental expense.

An insurance policy that provides a lump sum amount to dependants in the event of the policyholder's demise.

    Benefits of Endowment Plan

  • There are three types of Policies, i.e. Unit Linked Endowment, Full Endowment and Low-Cost Endowment.

  • Additional riders include Critical Illness, Disabilities and Premium Waiver among others.

  • It is advantageous as it provides both death and survival benefits, i.e. it pays back the sum assured at the event of death as well as when the policyholder outlives the specified period of the term.

  • The returns are earned on a compounding basis during the term of the plan.

  • Option to pay a premium for a limited term or regular.

  • It is a long term saving oriented insurance plan.

  • In case of demise, the beneficiary would be entitled to the sum assured or the accumulation amount, less outstanding premiums, whichever is higher.


  • It pays back the sum assured to the Nominee at death or survival benefit after certain years of the premium payment to the insured.

  • You can choose to take a loan against your policy at the time of an emergency.

  • Lump sum payout during policy maturity, maximum maturity age is 75.

Also known as a Pension Plan, it helps you secure your future during the later stages of your life when you are no longer actively working for an income.

    Benefits of Retirement Plans

  • An affordable and secure way to stay financially independent once you retire.

  • It is a long term savings oriented investment.

  • Secures you financially against inflation.

  • Tax benefits.

  • Low liquidity that allows you to easily withdraw funds at the time of an emergency.

  • You can select a Retirement Plans based on three different criteria: type of annuity, nature of investment and payment period.

  • Generally, the entry age is between 22 to 75 years.

  • Vesting age is generally above 55 years.

  • Policy term generally ranges from 5 to 35 years.

Corporate or Business Insurance are used by organisations to safeguard against risks pertaining to operations, work staff, finance and accidental mishaps. The different types of Corporate Insurance include:

    Property Insurance

  • Protects an organisation from losses against mishaps rising out of man-made and natural disasters. Different inclusions under Property Insurance includes Fire and Special Perils, Loss of Profits, Electronic Equipment Insurance, Machinery Breakdown Insurance and Burglary Insurance among others.

    Liability Insurance

  • Ideally suited to firms such as Accounting, Law, Healthcare and Consulting among others; Liability Insurance / Errors and Omission Insurance safeguards an organisation against legal and negligence claims. It covers different aspects like Directors and Officers Liability, Public Liability Insurance, Product Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity and Employees Compensation.

    Marine Cargo

  • Marine Insurance safeguards Shipping Companies against hazards that may cause damage to sailing vessels, consignments, and terminals during the course of their journey. It ensures against different kinds of losses, i.e. Loss of Package, Jettison, Derailments, Earthquakes, Lightning, Explosions and Sinking among others.

    Group Mediclaim

  • As the name suggests, it is a Health Insurance for groups, mostly for employees of an organisation; extremely beneficial as it helps in employee retention. It covers pre-existing illnesses, room rent, pre and post hospitalization, nursing charges and maternity cover among others.

    Workmen Compensation

  • A Workmen Compensation insures an employee’s medical treatment expenses and recompenses the company at the time of employee death/disability. It provides coverage for physical injury caused by accidents /disease, death, mental/physical disability and legal expenses.

    Group Term Life Insurance

  • It provides Life Insurance coverage to a group of people in one indemnity with worldwide coverage. It is one of the most affordable options available and does not pose restrictions on the individual's age, nor does it require health checkup of the employee.


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