Role Of Insurance Agent

Role of Insurance Agent

An Insurance agent is a professional who sells various types of Insurance products such as Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Property Insurance, and other types of Insurance to fulfill the needs of insurance-seeking clients. If you want to earn money from the comfort of your own home, you can become a POSP Insurance Agent. Homemaker Women, Retirees, Students, and Financially Savvy individuals can seriously think of being a POSP agent as an additional career alternative.

Insurance agents are the industry's first line of defense, and the role of insurance agent in the distribution and acceptance of insurance products is critical. They act as a crucial link between the Policyholders and the insurance agencies. They are in charge of marketing insurance products and conveying the salient features of the insurance policies to their clients. In this blog, we would get to know about the roles of Insurance agents in detail.

What Are The Roles Of An Insurance Agent?

Earlier the job of insurance agents was tiresome, perplexing, and cumbersome due to the unavailability of modern technology. Selling Insurance has become more convenient and hassle-free as a result of digitalization. The majority of Insurance Agents now choose to work with insurance companies where their roles are clearly defined and they are provided with online and easier documentation.

Insurance is sold one-on-one rather than in bulk. Some plans, such as life insurance and investments, necessitate the salespeople's conviction and persuasion. As a result, an insurance representative must have the ability to sell. Selling insurance entails selling insurance benefits, which is a form of financial planning.

An insurance agent's primary responsibility is to sell insurance. The agent locates, analyses, and recommends the policy to the client. An insurance agent's primary goal is to increase sales by providing clients with insurance-related services. The agent is required to:

  • Recognize the Client's needs
  • Provide a policy that is transparent
  • Provide a walk-through of the insurance coverage to the client
  • Take care of the paperwork
  • Check-Up on Premiums and any Additional Benefits.
  • Claims should be settled.

Additional Roles & Responsibilities Of An Insurance Agent

The domain of insurance agents is wide and they are required to multitask and get involved in many stages of insurance processes right from explaining a policy to the claim settlement. Following are some additional responsibilities of an insurance agent -

  • To receive recompensesation
  • To enlist the help of Insurance Firms
  • To be familiar with the product
  • Obtaining marketing materials

How Much Insurance Agent Earn In India

There is no such limitation or restriction to earnings as an insurance agent. It is entirely dependent on the individual's potential. On the number of policies sold, the agent is paid a commission. It Depends on the type and number of policies that the Insurance Agent offered to their clients. An Insurance Agent's commission is also determined by his aim. As his goal changes, so do his commission.


The most important role of insurance agent is to serve as a vital link between insurance companies and insurance-seeking customers. Their responsibilities include selling accurate insurance policies, collecting, submitting & maintaining the relevant documents, and helping their clients at every step of insurance processes. The role of agents plays an extremely important role in the insurance industry. The agents who are good at embracing technology in their day-to-day operations, and hone their communication, marketing, and sales skills, can easily succeed in the insurance terrain!

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