Code of Conduct for


Introduce Potential Clients:

Ensure that potential clients are properly introduced to the company.

Disclose All Offerings:

Clearly and accurately disclose all product offerings of the company.

Ethical Practices:

Conduct business ethically and in full compliance with regulations set by SEBI, Exchanges, Depositories and other relevant bodies.

Risk Awareness:

Inform clients about the inherent risks associated with the services they are avalling.

Client Verification:

Verify the identity and creditworthiness of clients. Cooperate with company staff in performing in-person verification of the clients if needed.

Maintain Confidentiality:

All the details/information pertaining to the client shall be maintained Confidentially and should not be disclosed to any person except as required under any law/regulatory requirements or with the express written permission of the client.

Use Company Name Appropriately:

Use the company name only for permitted activities.


Avoid Suspicious Accounts:

Do not introduce or open accounts that appear suspicious.

Limit to Referrals:

Refrain from selling/advisory activities in secondary market w.rt securities and should not manage the portfolio of any person who is being referred Should strictly limit his/her role to "Referral" only.

No False Promises:

Avoid making false promises or assuring guaranteed returns.

No Trade Inducement:

Ensure that no trade inducements are offered to the referred clients.Instructions for trades should come directly from the clients.

No Recovery of Incentives:

Do not recover incentive amounts from clients. Ensure no financial obligations are imposed on referred clients. There will be no financial transaction between the referred client under any arrangement.

No Advertising/Campaigning/Promotion:

Not to issue any Advertisements for soliciting business in newspapers / pamphlets / journals / magazines / social media etc. without approvals from HO.

Login Credentials:

Never obtain login credentials to trade on behalf of a client, even if requested by the client.

Approval for Websites:

Do not run a website without approval from the head office.

Avoid Unauthorized Trades Activities:

Refrain from engaging in unauthorized trading activities.