How To Become Vehicle Insurance Agent?

How To Become Vehicle Insurance Agent

The vehicle industry is witnessing great demand in recent years. The government in the past decade has made efforts and policies to enhance the increase of cars falling in the domestic and luxury category both.

This has also given wings to a bright career as a vehicle insurance agent. Vehicle Insurance covers motorcycle, scooters, cars, auto rickshaws, commercial vehicles under the umbrella.

A vehicle insurance is procured to safeguard the vehicle in case of any damage or unforeseen accident or any other reason, as it may state.

Whether the vehicle is used for personal or commercial use, vehicle insurance comes as a safety net. It is of utmost importance to understand the nitty-gritties of vehicle insurance.

Role & Requirements Of A Vehicle Insurance Agent

It is practically not possible for insurance companies to get in touch with the masses to provide insurance and hence, they let the best man do their job. In this case, it's the vehicle insurance agent.

A vehicle insurance agent is:

  • The point of contact who assists and recommends the right insurance policy to the client
  • The confidant of the client ensuring all the queries of the clients are answered
  • Tracking of clients feedback and negotiating on behalf of the client
  • Settling claims and follow-ups for renewals
  • Developing and maintaining relationship and creating leads as new business opportunities

The vehicle insurance agent acts as a mediator between the insurance company and the client. This makes his role significant to cater to the clients. However, he/she has the advantage of working at his own timings without leaving his current profession. Additionally, he is dealing with various leading brands which is a plus one for his career as well as self growth.

The insurance agent commission for his services provides him an opportunity for a valuable resource in contributing to his financial status as a passive income without investing a single penny.

Who Can Become A Vehicle Insurance Agent?

If you have a fetish for the auto industry or love exploring more income options to work at your own pace, then this is for you.

Be it a homemaker, retired individual, student self-employed or any other background, the highway to your financial goals doesn’t have a halt, if you have the focus and determination to achieve it.

Since the past decade, the number of vehicles have grown multifold making this a cash rich industry. POSP Insurance agent, as a career, is flourishing and it is only upto the agent to make it an establishment for itself by leveraging contacts, generating more leads and moreover, driving your passion to financial progression.

How To Become Vehicle Insurance Agent Online?

  • Login to the service provider
  • Sign-up by filling up your personal details that include pan card and address proof.
  • You will receive an approval.
  • Start Your Journey by being a Vehicle Insurance Agent.


The agent is a well learned individual who understands and knows about the automotive industry in and out. As a specialist, he knows which vehicle would require what kind of insurance. Simultaneously, out of the many policies available in the market, he can suggest and bring out a concrete solution to the client which would be beneficial for him with concrete solutions. The client-centric approach lets his client have a safe and happy journey.

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