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Benefits of Becoming a Insurance Dekho POS Through Choice Connect

Offer All Types of Insurance

Lowest Multiple Quotes

Track Leads through CRM

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Timely Payout

Training and Sales Assistant

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Work Anytime Anywhere

Gain Maximum Benefits & Earn Great Incentives

How to Become A Insurance Dekho POSP Agent Online

  • 01
    Register on Choice Connect
  • 02
    Apply for POSP Training
  • 03
    Get POSP Certified
  • 04
    Refer Clients
  • 05
    Track Lead Status
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    Receive Payout
  • Register on Choice Connect
  • 02
    Apply for POSP Training
  • 03
    Get POSP Certified
  • 04
    Refer Clients
  • 05
    Track Lead Status
  • 06
    Receive Payout

POS Insurance Dekho Qualifications & Requirement

Requirement To Become A POS Insurance Dekho

To become a Insurance Dekho POS Agent through Choice Connect, you must be at least 18 years old and have completed at least a 12th grade education. You must also finish and receive certification for the POSP Training. Apart from that, to become an Insurance Agent with us, you must be self-motivated and have a talent for selling products.

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Kickstart Your Career As A POS agent for Insurance Dekho

Insurance Dekho POS

A Insurance Dekho POS serves as a liaison between the person seeking insurance and the insurance provider. He or she is in charge of selling insurance products that meet the client's specific needs.

An insurance agent is a representative of an insurance firm that provides services to a potential client or someone who is looking for coverage. As a legal representative, the agent is responsible for giving important information to the client and guiding them through the policy. The POSP agent who registers as a CBA (Choice Business Associate) can sell as many insurance policies that are available for offer:

  1. Health Insurance Agent
  2. Life Insurance Agent
  3. Car Insurance Agent
  4. Bike Insurance Agent
  5. Vehicle Insurance Agent
  6. Corporate Insurance Agent

Who Can Become Insurance Dekho POS

Any person or individual looking to build a career in the insurance industry can be a Insurance Dekho POS through Choice Connect. However, the individual needs to fulfill the requirements and have a knack to offer services and be determined to serve the client.

Advantages of Becoming a Insurance Dekho POSP

A POSP can offer insurance services to anyone who might be a potential client at any time. Being a Insurance Dekho POSP has the advantage of requiring no prior investment to become a registered POSP. A POSP, on the other hand, has a consistent income and can serve anyone. The POSP insurance agent is a person who can be trusted. As a result, he has the opportunity to focus on forward selling procedures, such as selling additional insurance products to the same client while also generating new business opportunities. Individuals from all walks of life, such as housewives, retirees, self-employed, students, financial advisers, and others, are welcome to join the insurance profession as insurance agents.

Insurance Dekho POSP Agent Commission

One can earn handsomely if he/she has the real determination to serve people and focuses on achieving financial independence.

The corporate insurance business is structured on the basis of commissions, which allows an individual to service clients at their leisure.

Choice Connect's platform currently provides one of the top services to all agents while also offering excellent incentives.

Insurance Dekho POS Agent Role & Responsibility

An insurance agent's primary responsibility is to sell insurance. The agent locates, analyses, and recommends the policy to the client. An insurance agent's primary goal is to focus on client requirements and increase sales by providing clients with insurance-related services. The agent is required to
  • Recognize the client's needs.
  • Provide a policy that is transparent.
  • Provide a walk-through of the insurance coverage to the client.
  • Manage paperwork
  • Keep a track of premiums and any additional benefits that may have been added.
  • Ensure claims are settled.

Insurance Dekho POS Agent Salary

A Insurance Dekho POS agent's compensation depends on the number of policies sold.

Every policy sold includes a premium that is spread out over time. The commission is based on the amount of premium that is charged.

Currently, one can earn money through commissions or by joining a certain insurance firm that may provide a salary or commission.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria for a Insurance Dekho POSP

To become a Insurance Dekho POSP with us:

  • 18 years of age
  • Have passed S.S.C.
  • Have procured an IRDA certification