Two Wheeler Insurance Agent Registration

Two Wheeler Insurance Agent Registration

A two wheeler insurance agent is the one who helps you purchase the right insurance for your two wheeler vehicle. However, in order to become an insurance agent, you need to understand the process to be a two wheeler insurance agent and how a two wheeler insurance agent registration is carried out.

Who Is A Two-wheeler Insurance Agent

A two wheeler insurance agent is a specialist that guides you to the path of acquiring the shield aka policy to secure your vehicle from any unforeseen situation. He is a mediator between the insurance company and the prospect client exclusively in this category.

To begin a career in this industry, one has to follow procedures that are prescribed by the government. Given the fact that there are more and more vehicles hitting the road day by day, it is challenging and fatal too to maintain safety on roads. Hence, while registering as an agent and aspiring for a career in this field, it is utmost important to undergo special training in order to learn the nitty gritties of both a two-wheeler and the type of insurance that one should procure.

Documents Required To Become a Two Wheeler Insurance Agent

A two-wheeler insurance agent has to follow certain processes in order to be eligible for the same. For that, he/she needs to submit certain documents and fulfil certain requirements to opt for being a bike insurance agent.

As one has to be a resident of India, he/she needs to submit valid proof of residence that may be supported by Aadhar Card/ Pan Card or any document as mentioned by law.

Qualification Required For A Two Wheeler Insurance Agent

To be a two-wheeler insurance agent aka a bike insurance agent, one has to have completed the following:

  • At least 18 years of Age
  • Obtained 12 STD Certification/ Diploma
  • Completed specified hours of training by IRDA

Registration Process Of A Two Wheeler Insurance Agent

The registration process of a two-wheeler agent has been simplified by Choice Connect, for all those seeking to build a prosperous career in the field of insurance.

The path to answer the million dollar question of ‘How to become a two wheeler insurance agent’ is summed up in 6 simple steps:

Step 1: Register on Choice Connect

Step 2: Apply for POSP Training

Step 3: Get POSP Certified

Step 4: Refer Clients

Step 5: Track Lead Status

Step 6: Receive Payout

Being an insurance agent is one of the noble jobs as it not only helps people in acquiring the right kind of policy and fulfil their requirements but has someone trustful aka insurance agent to handhold in times of claiming of insurance. Having said that, insurance agent registration and processes is just a click away with Choice Connect’s platform and assistance.

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