Insurance Agent Exam: Step by Step Guide

Insurance Agent Exam - Registration Steps, Fees & Syllabus

The insurance sector in India is the biggest economy sector and has immense potential. It is the industry that rises simultaneously with the economy of India. Their services build the base for a smooth growth of the business sector. Hence, a career in the sector of insurance can be very beneficial and has job opportunities in multiple insurance sectors.

But the right career guidance to crack the insurance agent exam is imperative. The insurance agent exams are competitive and lakhs of candidates apply for it each year. Being dedicated towards the exam and preparing with the right attitude may help you clear it.

How To Register For An Insurance Agent Exam?

To register for an insurance agent exam, one must fill a registration form available on the IRDAI website. There is a list of documents that you are required to submit.

  • Aadhar card
  • Address proof
  • PAN Card copy
  • Passport size photograph
  • Highest education certificate

Once the registration process is completed, you will have to attend 25 hours – 50 hours of training. The training includes phases of insurance business and at the end of the training a certificate is awarded.

After the training, a pre-licensing online exam by IRDAI is held and it needs a minimum of 17 marks out of 50 to pass. These are objective type questions that you need to answer.

After clearing the insurance agent exam, the IRDAI will offer you a license to work as an insurance agent.

Eligibility Criteria To Apply For Insurance Agent Exam

There are certain rules and regulations one needs to fall under before applying for the insurance agent exam.

  • Age: 18+ Years
  • Education: 12th Graduate
  • Urban Areas- 12th Graduate
  • Rural Areas – 10th Graduate

Only if these criteria’s match, then you can apply to the IRDAI for an insurance agent exam registration form.

An agent or POS must have completed graduation. But in some cases, if an individual has cleared their 12th and has sales talent, he/she can also appear for the insurance agent exam. Hence, being at least a 12th pass is the minimum requirement to appear for the insurance agent exam.

Insurance Agent Exam Fees

The fees for an insurance agent exam is Rs.200/- for each entry form. One must submit the stated fees amount and two passport size photos at the time of registration.

Tips To Pass Insurance Agent Exam

Here are some tips to help you with the insurance agent exam.

Understand The Syllabus

The exam pattern for an insurance agent exam is short questions, true and false section, right and wrong marking, yes and no sections, fill in the blanks, match the column and MCQs. There is a section on mathematics as well. You can ask your trainer for the exact syllabus and prepare accordingly. The chapters that form a part of the syllabus range from an introduction to insurance to customer management, life insurance applications, health insurance introduction, documentations, etc.

Appear For Mock Tests

A number of educational websites offer trial exams. An insurance agent exam is one of the most popular ones and can be easily found online. So, make sure you practice and time yourself. This will allow you to understand how your fair and what is your current status and what are your chances of clearing the exam.

Exam Preparation Course

Lakhs of individuals apply for the insurance agent exam and the competition is tough. There are various institutes and coaching centres that help with understanding the chapters and subjects of the exam. If you think you are lost and cannot grasp the subjects, you can opt for these course preparation institutes.

Work On Your Communication Skill

An insurance agent is someone who sells insurance policies for a living. This is where communication becomes the key aspect. If you are smooth in communicating your views and are able to clear the doubts of your customer, there are high chances that you will be good in your job. Customers will have various questions and queries about the policies and answering each of these questions without any hesitation will land you sales. Hence, try to build on your communication skills, which will help you in the long run.

Concentrate On Your Goal

To achieve anything in life, you need to be dedicated to it. Hence, it is important to concentrate on your end goal and apply all your focus on the insurance agent exam. Avoid any kind of distractions and make sure you focus only on clearing the exam.


With each passing year, the competition is increasing making it difficult to become an insurance agent. Hence, one must dedicate their time and energy into full filling their goal of becoming an agent. There are extensive training hours and much more to complete. But once that is done, you can become an agent or distributor. Log on to our website if you wish to become a distributor. We wish you all the very best if you are planning to appear for the insurance agent exam.

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