How To Become Bike Insurance Agent?

How To Become Bike Insurance Agent

With the ongoing traffic simulators and increasing vehicles on road, the government of India has undertaken many measures for road safety.

In the year 1988, the Indian government made it mandatory to have a motor insurance in place. Bike Insurance falls under this bracket i.e. motor insurance specific to two-wheelers. This has created a great opportunity for POSP insurance agents servicing this sector i.e. bike insurance.

Purchasing a bike may be a necessity or a luxury. The minute it hits the road it is exposed to a number of vulnerabilities. Safeguarding yourself and loved ones should be treated as priority.

Benefits of Being a Bike Insurance Agent:

Attractive Commissions: As a bike insurance agent, one can enjoy attractive commissions based on the policy and the insurance company the policy has acquired.

Connect with Leading Insurance Companies: The agent holds the freedom to sell insurance for leading names in the industry. The association also acts as an advantage in his career.

Be an Industry Specialist: As the agent is dealing with two-wheelers insurance day-in and day-out his knowledge needs no validation. He/ She understands the sector and its requirement to the core which makes him a specialist at his job.

One- Point of Contact for your client requirements: The agent is the one point of contact for all client requirements such as issuing of new policies, documentation involved, settlement of claims, follow-ups etc.

How To Become Bike Insurance Agent Online?

Are bikes your passion or do you think you can be the shield to safeguard an individual’s passion or necessity!

A Bike Insurance agent is someone who can be a guide and facilitate the insurance policy, the type of policy your two-wheeler requires. Any person who desires to be a specialist in the two-wheeler segment and assist his clients purchase the right policy can become a Bike Insurance Agent.

The highway to become a bike insurance is simple and hassle-free.

One needs to have a minimum education qualification, over 18 years of age and good communication skills along with specific hours of training in that particular genre. Along with this, It is mandatory that one should be a resident of India and have the following valid documents at the time of two wheeler insurance agent registration.

  • Pan Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank Details

Given the current scenario, where personalisation is a must, most service providers assign ‘Relationship Manager’ guiding you in your entrepreneurial journey of being a Bike Insurance Agent. However, before you are enroute to your journey, you need to to impart knowledge and follow steps that will fetch you great opportunities and results. Here are the 3 main steps to consider:

  • Attending the training provided
  • Generating leads and track them
  • Following-up with clients


A Bike insurance agent can set his own financial road with his determination and passion to enhance leads and help bike owners get the perfect insurance. Not only so, he/ she can also enjoy a status in society as a specialist for knowledge and power whilst it is a trained professional that shall be able to impart fruitfully.

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